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White Paper: ETNA on Securities Filtering

Securities filtering in all sorts of electronic trading software systems has become a strong issue lately with the growth of international trading and number of regulations that are pressed against trading in different cultures and countries.

ETNA has introduced an effective way of applying filters to securities available for trade in any electronic system trading. This, as an example, let’s traders process orders according to sharia regulations.

A more detailed description of the system is available in the whitepaper.

You can download it by clicking this link – ETNA Securities Filtering.

You can request more detailed information about how the filters works and how they can be used in electronic trading applications by calling us at +1 (718) 717 2700 or by sending us a note from the Contact us page.

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Muhammad says:

Charles, I missed the live cast, so it is a pslaeure to get the chance to go through them now.Love the Diamonetrics overlays as an adjunct to directional probability analysis. I am just into part 2 and 3 in a moment Thank you

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