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Saxo Bank and ETNA Software Custom Financial Software Development Agreement

saxo-bank-etnasoftETNA Software and Saxo Bank have signed a long-term agreement for custom financial software development. ETNA Software will be an expertise provider in developing financial software applications by our major offshore development center in St.Petersburg, Russia.

“We are extremely excited and proud to work with Saxo Bank – the number one company in the online banking world, unique in its dedication to IT,” comments Roman Zhukov, CEO of ETNA Software. “Both ETNA Software and Saxo Bank honor the same core values of rationality, integrity and performance. We both strive to be the best at whatever we do and we both take pride in our work and continuing success.”

ETNA Software will be providing team extension of the core development team of Saxo Bank in Denmark.

“We are glad we have chosen to outsource financial software solutions to ETNA Software. The excellent work they have done in these first months has proven their capabilities and resulted in a long term agreement,“ said Mikael Munck, Executive Vice President at Saxo Bank. ” The ETNA Software team renewed our trust in nearshore operations.”

ETNA Software was chosen primarily for its capabilities in developing distributed trading platforms for all asset classes. Its consultants are involved in creating the components of a trading infrastructure such as connectivity, market data, data streaming, front-office, middle office and back-office.


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